Perfect Pitch,
Every Time.

The electronic pitch pipe to give you confidence during your practice and performance.
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Cyber-Tone Pitch Pipe Features

Micro Tuning

Adjust specific tuning on any note within 1 cent of desired pitch. Each note can be tuned independently.

Perfect Accuracy

Computer Accuracy: It will not go flat or sharp over time.

Adjustable Ranges

Configurable range from C4 to Bb5.

Additional Features:

  • Perfect Pitch Metronome: Flawless tempo, 10 to 255 BPM!
  • Sticky Tones: Hands-free for up to five minutes!
  • Tactile Aids: Feel the right pitch, even in the dark!
  • Rechargeable Battery: One-hour charge, lasts up to a year!
  • Small Familiar Size: Same as a “reed style” pitch pipe
  • Great Sound: Resonant chamber for loud, familiar tone

Cyber-Tone™ Electronic Pitch Pipe

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Limited Time Save over $50! Your musical group will love you because your Cyber-Tone™ delivers a Perfect Pitch Every Time.  The Cyber-Tone™ Electronic Pitch Pipe is simple to use, switch it on and press the correct pitch, release to stop.  You can disable all sounds with the switch at the top. Featuring a two-octave adjustable range, a Perfect Pitch Metronome™ capable of playing in any key from 10 to 255 BPM, a Sticky Tones™ mode for hands-free playing or tuning an instrument, a Micro Tuning™ feature for those that want something different than equal temperament tuning allowing adjustment of each pitch up or down from 0 to 100 steps between each half step, tactile aids for playing in dark environments, and a fast rechargeable battery with USB-C input for several month’s use on a single charge.

Cyber-Tone™ 20 Watt Power Adapter and Charge Cable

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Charge your Cyber-Tone™ or other USB-C enabled electronics quickly with the Cyber-Tone™ 20 Watt AC (USA) adapter and Charge Cable

Cyber-Tone™ Belt Clip — Out of Stock

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Out of Stock. Keep your Cyber-Tone™ easily accessible.  Play it without removing from your belt or clipped to a pocket with the Cyber-Tone™ Removable Belt Clip.

Cyber-Tone Tag

Cyber-Tone Tag

Let Cyber-Tone™ teach you a new tag!

Press and hold for 3+ seconds, then release:

A#, F, F# for Tenor
A#, F, G for Lead
A#, F, G# for Baritone
A#, F, A for Bass