Cyber-Tone™ Electronic Pitch Pipe

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Your musical group will love you because your Cyber-Tone™ delivers a Perfect Pitch Every Time.  The Cyber-Tone™ Electronic Pitch Pipe is simple to use, switch it on and press the correct pitch, release to stop.  You can disable all sounds with the switch at the top.

Featuring a two-octave adjustable range, a Perfect Pitch Metronome™ capable of playing in any key from 10 to 255 BPM, a Sticky Tones™ mode for hands-free playing or tuning an instrument, a Micro Tuning™ feature for those that want something different than equal temperament tuning allowing adjustment of each pitch up or down from 0 to 100 steps between each half step, tactile aids for playing in dark environments, and a fast rechargeable battery with USB-C input for several month’s use on a single charge.

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Limited Time Save over $50!

What’s Included:

  • One Cyber-Tone™ Electronic Pitch Pipe

Additional Features:

  • Perfect Accuracy in Pitch: Electronic Precision to ensure your Cyber-Tone™ will never go flat or sharp in any circumstance.  Will be perfectly in tune with other Cyber-Tone’s™.
  • Adjustable Range: Two Octave Configurable Range
  • Perfect Pitch Metronome™: In Your Perfect Key from 10 to 255 Beats Per Minute
  • Sticky Tones™: Play any note handsfree.  Use your Cyber-Tone™ to tune an instrument.
  • Micro Tuning™: If desired, adjust the specific tuning of any note to within one cent of desired pitch. (There are 100 “cents” between each half step.). Each note can be tuned independently.
  • Tactile Aids:  Play the right pitch by feel in the dark
  • Rechargeable Battery:  Charge in about an hour with any USB-C charging input.  Use for months!
  • Small Familiar Size:  About the same size as a “reed style” pitch pipe.
  • Great Sound and Volume:  Resonant chamber in the Cyber-Tone™ provides loud familiar “reed style” tone

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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